Barometer: Church, Army, Academy – first places in Romanians’ trust

The Church, the Army and the Romanian Academy occupy the first places in terms of the degree of trust granted by Romanians, according to the first barometer of the religious life in Romania, presented on Wednesday, December 16, in the Aula Magna of the Romanian Academy, Agerpres reports.

According to the barometer, conducted by the LARICS Center for Sociological Research, in partnership with the State Secretariat for Religions and the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of the Romanian Academy, in terms of trust, after the Church – 71.2% (41.4% – very much; 29.8% – a lot), ranking second is the Army, with 61.8% (17.8% – a lot; 44% – a lot), followed by the Romanian Academy, with 45.6% (9, 4% – very much; 36.2% – much), City Hall, with 43% (11% – very much; 32% – much); the Police, with 41.1 (11.4% – very much; 29.7% – a lot) and the Ministry of Health, with 34% (6.3% – a lot; 27.7% – a lot).

The government (13.7%), Parliament (9.5%), the political parties (9.1%) occupy the last places in terms of the degree of trust of Romanians, the research reveals.

The survey, conducted on the basis of a telephone questionnaire, was carried out between November 30 and December 7, on a multi-tiered, probabilistic sample of 1,000 people and is representative of Romania’s noninstitutionalized population, aged 18 and over 18 years.

The maximum permissible data error is plus/minus 3%, at a 95% confidence level.

The questionnaires were applied in all counties of Romania and in Bucharest’s districts, the sample being validated based on the official data of the National Institute of Statistics.

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