Autumn unveils Irish forester’s Celtic Cross

In the heart of the woods in the Irish border village of Killea in County Donegal, a mysterious Celtic cross appears each autumn.

This giant 100m (328ft) long Celtic cross first appeared in the autumn of 2016, baffling passengers flying overhead towards City of Derry Airport, BBC reports.

The cross is now known as the Emmery Celtic Cross, named after its creator. Forester Liam Emmery (51), planted this amazing Celtic cross design nearly 14 years ago. Emmery used two different types of trees create the effect, which must have taken amazing planning skills.

Sadly, Emmery died six years ago after suffering brain damage and it was only in Fall 2016 that his amazing creation in Killea became visible.

The cross measures more than 100 meters in length and 70 meters wide.

Photo courtesy of Gareth Wray Photography

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