Archdiocese of Suceava and Rădăuți opens first hospital in Dolhasca | ‘It is a place of physical and spiritual healing’

Sfinţire Dolhasca (11)

On Sunday, the first hospital of the Suceava and Rădăuți Archdiocese was inaugurated in Dolhasca, which will provide medical services to over 10,000 inhabitants in the area.

His Eminence Archbishop Pimen officiated the blessing service for the medical, social unit dedicated to St George the Victory-Bearer, after which Abp. Pimen celebrated the Divine Liturgy.

The Dolhasca Hospital project started in 2004 by the efforts of Rev. Gheorghe Saftiuc, rector of the Resurrection of the Lord parish in Dolhasca. This hospital will be a space for physical and spiritual healing, said Fr Saftiuc Aug. 20.

Referring to the joint effort of the believers, Fr Saftiuc pointed to the fact that even though some people cry out unjustly that they want hospitals, not cathedrals, the Dolhasca community demonstrates that the Church knows, is able and is involved in both spiritual and physical healing.

Over 700 social institutions founded by the Romanian Orthodox Church

Central and local authorities participated in the hospital inauguration, among whom we note Mr. Victor Opaschi, State Secretary for Religious Affairs, who spoke about the social activities carried out by the Romanian Orthodox Church over the last years.

We should not forget that the main purpose of the Church’s work is to sanctify and save people, and secondly to offer social assistance, which, of course, is a very important aspect, Opaschi said.

Secular detractors of the Romanian Orthodox Church refuse to observe the reality of the over 500 social institutions and charitable programs of the Church, the over 150 social canteens, dozens of organizations and programs for social and medical assistance, and the increasing number of social pharmacies and clinics, the State Secretary added, addressing hundreds of people gathered at the inauguration ceremony.

Credit: Archdiocese of Suceava and Rădăuţi

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