Archbishop of Albania re-elected honorary president of Religions for Peace International

The worldwide religious community recognizes the role of the Archbishop Anastasios of the Albanian Orthodox Church in guaranteeing international peace, Romfea News reports.

Archbishop Anastasios is a pioneer in the peaceful coexistence of religious communities in Albania, thereby contributing to social cohesion.

He was recently re-elected honorary president of the Religions for Peace International, which held its 10th Assembly, at Lindau, Germany. It was attended by 900 representatives from more than 100 countries from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, in Australia and Oceania. The theme was “Caring for our Common Future – Advancing Shared Well-being”.

Archbishop Anastasios has been elected honorary president of this international coalition since 2009, which has been recognized by the UN.

The Interreligious Council of Albania, which is currently chaired by Archbishop Anastasios, has also participated in the assembly.

Photo courtesy of Romfea

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