Archbishop Irineu: We thank the Most Holy Trinity for the “woman’s mystery”

In a message occasioned by the International Women’s Day 2021, His Eminence Archbishop Irineu of Alba Iulia stressed the major role women have in society and thanked the Most Holy Trinity for God’s work through them.

The woman, Archbishop Irineu said, “carries in the nucleus of the family and then in the complex of social life the riches of her sensitivity and intuition, of her generosity and steadfastness”.

“With the skill that is inherent in her femininity, she enriches the understanding of the world and contributes to human relationships to become fully genuine,” the archbishop noted.

“On this day dedicated to her, we thank the Most Holy Trinity for the “mystery of woman”, for the great “works of God”, which, throughout the history of human generations, have been fulfilled through women,” Archbishop Irineu said.

“For the dignity they have always had in God’s plan and love, we congratulate them today; we offer them the fragrant snowdrops of our feelings of appreciation and gratitude and ask God to encompass them in the bright and protective cloud of His heavenly blessings,” the Archbishop of Alba Iulia added.

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