Archbishop Calinic points to 3 conditions for Nativity Fast to achieve its intended purpose

Archbishop Calinic of Suceava and Radauti sent a message at the beginning of the Nativity Fast reminding that ‘fasting is an opportunity to free the body from the bondage of matter, which tends to manifest itself on the soul as well.’

‘There are three inseparable conditions for fasting to achieve its intended purpose: forgiveness, almsgiving and prayer,’ the Archbishop noted.

Forgiveness, because a fast without a prior forgiveness of one’s neighbour is a fast of demons; almsgiving, because it is a pain of the soul moved by grace, which values the poor; and prayer, because it is the most sincere dialogue of the soul with God,” reads the Archbishop’s message for the Christmas Fast.

“Therefore, sanctify your fast by the work of virtues, confess and receive communion, because only such a fast can bring you back to paradise,” Archbishop Calinic underlined.

Photo: Archdiocese of Suceava

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