Ambassador David Saranga visits Romanian Patriarchate’s representation in Jerusalem: It is essential to respect religious freedom

Israel’s Ambassador to Romania, David Saranga, visited the Romanian Settlement in Jerusalem on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. The Ambassador was welcomed by the Very Rev. Archimandrite Teofil Anăstăsoaie, the Romanian Patriarchate’s representative to the Holy Land.

“The Romanian Church in Jerusalem is a landmark for Israel’s culture,” said Ambassador David Saranga. His Excellency disagreed with the recent vandalism of the Romanian church and stressed the importance of religious freedom.

The incidents came to the authorities’ attention, and the Ministry of Interior and the Jerusalem City Hall reacted promptly.

“It is essential for the Israeli government to see that religious freedom is preserved,” Ambassador David Saranga highlighted.

Ambassador David Saranga is in Israel to celebrate the Jewish Passover and wanted to visit the Romanian Settlement in Jerusalem, said Father Teofil Anăstăsoaie. “His Excellency also stated that he fully supports the Romanian mission to the Holy Land, which is a form of presenting Romania.”

The talks included issues related to resuming pilgrimages between Romania and Israel.

“Israel wants to receive pilgrims and tourists again soon (…). In this regard, His Excellency noted that government negotiations are currently underway between the two sides to find an amicable solution.”

“We also thanked for his care for the Romanian mission to the Holy Land, and we hope that in the future things will improve, the spirits will calm down, and we’ll have a good coexistence as it was in the past,” said the representative of the Romanian Patriarchate to the Holy Land.

David Saranga was appointed Ambassador of Israel to Romania in 2019.

Photo source: Archim. Teofil Anăstăsoaie

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