Alba Archbishop Irineu sends encouraging message: Our ancestors surpassed many hardships with Christian dignity

Archbishop Irineu of Alba Iulia has sent a message of encouragement context of containment for coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which ‘is affecting the lives of some and limits the freedom of movement and action of others.’

The Archbishop of the historic city of Alba Iulia referred to the ancestors of the Romanian people who surpassed many hardships with ‘Christian dignity, courage, patience and trust in the divine providence.’

His Eminence urged calm and positive feelings over the coronavirus epidemic: ‘Let us totally abandon ourselves, through prayer, in the vigorous arms of our Heavenly Father, where we always feel safe.’

‘We must respect the measures to prevent the epidemic and show loving solidarity with our fellow citizens, offering them the balm of comfort and our help,’ His Eminence said.

Photography courtesy of the Archive / Mircea Florescu

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