500th anniversary of Curtea de Argeş | ‘St Neagoe Basarab’s foundation expresses the faith, wisdom and beauty of the Romanian soul’ – Patriarch Daniel

Saint Neagoe Basarab was a good Romanian and an Orthodox Christian with a universal opening. Thus, this foundation of the holy prince expresses the faith, wisdom, and beauty of the Romanian soul, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel said during his homily delivered Sept. 26 at Curtea de Arges. This year the Curtea de Arges Cathedral celebrates its 500th anniversary of its consecration.

On the feast day of Saint Neagoe Basarab, His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, presided over the Divine Liturgy at the outdoor altar in front of the Curtea de Arges Archdiocesan Cathedral. Concelebrants for the Divine Liturgy included:

  • His Eminence Teofan, Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina,
  • His Eminence Varsanufie, Archbishop of Ramnic,
  • His Eminence Calinic, Archbishop of Arges and Muscel,
  • His Grace Visarion, Bishop of Tulcea.

During the Divine Liturgy, the patriarch addressed those present offering Saint Neagoe Basarab as an example for every Christian, noting that the Holy Wallachian Prince supported the struggle for the preservation of national and Orthodox identity through culture.

In his homily, the patriarch focused on the life of Ruler Prince Saint Neagoe Basarab noting that he benefited from a high education, which allowed him to relate properly to the political and cultural situation of his time.

Saint Neagoe was a man of peace, but at the same time a defender of his people, the patriarch said. He knew how to tie bonds of friendship with all neighboring states, thus avoiding human sacrifices. The patriarch also offered Saint Constantine Brâncoveanu as an example of peace-promoter, since he reigned for 25 years and was never involved in any warfare.

His Beatitude referred to the care taken by the holy Wallachian Prince for the Orthodox Church, which was manifested to all Christians who needed help in all places. Saint Neagoe helped the Patriarchates of Jerusalem and Constantinople, he recalled. Furthermore, the Saint supported the monastics of Mount Athos, offering material aid to several monasteries in order to be reconditioned.

The most important foundation of Saint Neagoe Basarab was the current Archdiocesan Cathedral in Curtea de Arges, which represents a synthesis of the Byzantine style, the patriarch said ending his speech.

At the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, Patriarch Daniel read out his address entitled The Curtea de Arges Cathedral – A paschal torch over the ages, in which he noted that the monumental Cathedral in Curtea de Arges has proven to history that it has the vocation to bind time and eternity, art and spirituality, national ethos and openness to universality.

Presidential counselor, Sergiu Nistor, read out the President Iohannis’ message on this occasion, following which the state secretary for religious affairs, Mr. Victor Opaschi, addressed those present.

Photos: Robert Nicolae/ Basilica.ro


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