50,000 march to end abortion in Slovakia

50,000 Slovaks gathered in the European country’s capital of Bratislava this weekend to call for an end to legal abortion, Life Site reports.

The predominantly-Catholic country currently allows abortions for any reason up to 12 weeks, and abortions deemed to be health-related up to 24 weeks. There were 10,082 abortions reported in 2017, compared with 57,969 births.

The National March for Life on Sunday was organized by the Catholic Episcopal Conference of Slovakia to protest the current law of abortion.

The marchers seek the “societal and legislative protection of the life of every human from conception until natural death,” and call on the government to support institutions that help women choose life, as well as protect the “unique status of the marriage of man and woman as an irreplaceable bond,” the Slovak Spectator reported.

They also called on lawmakers to “express disagreement with such documents of international organisations that in Slovakia interfere with the constitutional values of marriage, family, equality between men and women, and the right of parents to raise their children.”

Photography courtesy of Rally for Life

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