40-day memorial service served for Romanian priest who left behind young family

On Sunday, marking the 40-day memorial of Fr Marius Bărăscu who tragically died in a car accident, leaving behind a wife and four children, a new parish priest was installed in Parava, a village in eastern Romania.

Fr. Marius Gheorghiță Prisecariu was presented to the congregation as new rector of Parava parish by the Very Rev. Archimandrite Pimen Costea, administrative vicar of the Roman and Bacău Archdiocese.

As delegate of the local Archbishop Ioachim, Fr Pimen pointed to the young age of the newly-ordained priest and urged everyone to support him in his ministry,

“Pray for him to receive from God an easy, beautiful and fruitful priesthood, to bring as many souls to God as possible,” said Archimandrite Pimen Costea on Sept. 15.

Following the Divine Liturgy and the installation ceremony, the clergy and the believers joined the new parish priest in prayer by the tomb of Fr Marius Bărăscu, where the 40-day memorial service was officiated.

Mormântul Pr. Marius Bărăscu și preoteasa Anca Petronela în fundal. Foto credit: Facebook / Remus Lupuleasa

The service was followed by an agape meal organized by Fr. Marius’ family.

The same day, a memorial service was officiated at the Orthodox Cathedral in Roman, where Fr. Marius Bărăscu served as cantor and deacon.

GoFundMe fundraiser was launched by Fr. Marius’ sister-in-law to support the family in this time of crisis. Visit the fundraiser and support the family here.

Fr. Marius Bărăscu from Parava reposed on August 7, a day before his 35th birthday, following a car accident.

Photography courtesy of Facebook / Remus Lupuleasa

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