2022 was a year of many challenges in philanthropy – patriarchal adviser

After the years of the pandemic, society faced new problems in 2022. The Romanian Orthodox Church stood beside the afflicted.

Fr. Ciprian Ioniță, patriarchal adviser overseeing the Social-Philanthropic Sector of the Patriarchal Administration, and President of the Romanian Patriarchate’s Filantropia Federation, provided Radio Trinitas with an update on the previous year’s activities.

“The year 2022 was a year with many challenges for the social-philanthropic work of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Through its social programmes, each diocese attempted to assist the underprivileged. Beneficiaries varied from children to the elderly, and throughout the year, we endeavoured to meet their varying requirements,” Fr. Ciprian Ioniță said.

“One of the year’s challenges was to support Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainians left behind in their country, affected by shortages and war.”

“Since the beginning of the war at the end of February, the Romanian Orthodox Church has mobilised and made significant efforts to aid these hard-pressed individuals. Until the beginning of July alone, the dioceses of the Church and the Filantropia Federation of the Romanian Patriarchate provided support worth approximately 7.6 million euros,” the patriarchal adviser noted.

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and dioceses of the Romanian Orthodox Church (ROC) continue to help persons impacted by the violence in Ukraine.

In 2023, according to Father Ciprian Ioniță, the social-philanthropic effort will continue “with the same devotion and seriousness.”

“Certainly, special attention will be paid to social services for the elderly, 2023 being the Solemn Year of the pastoral care of the elderly in the Romanian Orthodox Church.”

Photography courtesy of Filantropia Federation

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