17,000+ benefit from Romanian Patriarchate’s “Table of Joy” social program in 2016 | 5 vans were purchased to streamline social services

The Romanian Patriarchate currently operates a series of social programs through which hot food and food supplies are distributed to the needy. Within the framework of this national program “Table of Joy,” 17,048 people received necessary assistance in 2016 alone.

The Table of Joy program is implemented in 24 dioceses by 178 social-philanthropic institutions. In 2009, the total value of the products offered totaled 4,426,281 euros. The program is carried out in partnership with in partnership with Selgros Cash & Carry from 2009 and Carrefour Romania from 2015.

Also, the Romanian Patriarchate is in dialogue with Mega Image to achieve a similar social program in Bucharest.

In order to ensure the necessary logistics of the various programs in terms of receiving and delivering food in good condition, five Dacia Dokker vans have been purchased equipped with insulation and refrigeration.

Currently, all affiliates of the Diaconia Association, which offers social cafeteria services, as well as the six deaneries of the capital have means of transportation in compliance with the normative regulations in their field at their disposal.

The Romanian Patriarchate’s social programs benefit those known by social services at both the parish and diocesan level, and by non-governmental organizations that operate with the blessing of the bishops and archdioceses.

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