12 Patriarch Daniel Quotes about the Remembrance of the Dead

The remembrance of the dead has given the culture and consciousness of continuity and communion over time.

The remembrance of those asleep in the Lord is an act of Orthodox faith, as it is based on the belief that the human soul is immortal.

Prayers of remembrance for those reposed in the Lord are a spiritual blessing to their souls and a consolation to their grieving families.

The mystery of life, like the mystery of death, are mysteries beyond our comprehension.

Through prayer, we keep in touch with the souls of those who reposed in the Lord and, at the same time, we ask for their souls to find peace and rest in the light and love of the Most Holy Trinity.

The candles we light on the graves are the candles of Christian faith and hope that the human soul is immortal and the human body will be resurrected at the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the prayer of the Church, we have the most correct, bright and useful way to show love for those who reposed in the Lord through prayer and almsgiving.

Those who fell asleep know what we do for them and feel when we remember them with love; when we put candles and flowers on their graves and kiss the holy cross in the hope of the Universal Resurrection.

We have a moral and spiritual duty to remember in prayer those who reposed in the Lord and especially to show signs of spiritual love for those who are grieving.

Love springing from faith and prayer is stronger than death.

When we pray for those who are asleep in the Lord, we show that we love them even after death, and their immortal soul feels our love.

The remembrance of those who have fallen asleep in the Lord is an act of hope.

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