10 Patriarch Daniel reflections on peace as gift and blessing

  1. When people lack peace in their soul or family when the society lacks peace, everything is disturbed, all are saddened, and all reach a state of confusion.

  2. Divine peace is the harmony built by the Holy Spirit in the human soul, causing self-observance, the observance of God’s love and the love of fellow people.

  3. Given the context of today’s world that is troubled by misunderstandings and wars, we need more than ever peace-makers, that is, all those who can prevent or settle conflicts existing between people, in society, or among peoples.

  4. We must always keep the peace and unity of Christ’s Church.

  5. Every individual life can be fully cultivated only in peace and harmony with God, with our fellow people and with the environment.

  6. Peace is a gift from God, and it must be earnestly pursued, gratefully received, and permanently cultivated in the soul, the family and the life of society.

  7. Where there is no peace, there are disturbances, tensions, violence, conflicts and even wars that kill people and destroy material goods.

  8. Saint Paul’s prophetic voice calls us to seek Christ’s peace “which surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4:7) and to become peacemakers.

  9. The Saints of the Orthodox Church say that social peace depends greatly on the spiritual peace, expressed in one’s love towards God and towards others.

  10. Peace is a blessing from God.

Photography: Robert Nicolae / Basilica.ro

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