Students for Life sing Christmas carols for the Patriarch. ‘We appreciate the work of defending the sacred gift of life’

Tuesday, December 19, 2017, members of the Students for Life Association visited Patriarch Daniel at his patriarchal residence and sang Christmas carols for His Beatitude. Addressing the young people, the patriarch appreciated their ‘activity of defending the sacred gift of life, of promoting families that give birth to babies, being co-workers with God the source of life.’

At the end of the carol recital, Patriarch Daniel said that ‘the Feast of the Nativity of the Lord is a blessing for any family that gives birth to babies,’ and that the great mystery of this feast is God the Child.

‘Christ the Lord did not come into the world as an adult, but as a Baby to show us the paternal love of the Heavenly Father expressed in the mystery of His Son’s human birth of Virgin Mary, from within humanity and with its agreement. A baby depends entirely on the love of those around him. This is the mystery of God the Child. The Almighty entirely receives the help of others,’ the patriarch noted.

Patriarch Daniel went on to explain that the activities that involve cherishing the child represent a mystery of the paternal love revealed in Jesus Christ. ‘God the eternal becomes a human child being born in time. That is why your activity of cherishing the child is a mystery of the paternal love revealed in Jesus Christ and a mystery of the family that gives birth to babies.’

‘In this regard, the Saviour Jesus Christ shows us the eternal value of earthly life. Although earthly life has become limited because of sin, the human being is created in the image of the eternal God and therefore is called to eternal life,’ the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church added.

The patriarch recommended everyone to focus on the sacred gift of the child’s life, especially during this time of the year.

‘Those who do not have children receive much blessing when they help families with many children, if they manifest paternal love towards children,’ His Beatitude said. ‘Many adopt children and love them as their own.’

‘The family pays a special role in bringing up children in the faith,’ the patriarch cautioned. ‘Besides physical existence, the greatest gift the family can offer to its children is the gift of faith as a loving tie with the compassionate God. This particularly sacred work is assigned to humans.’

Ending his speech, Patriarch Daniel urged for awareness that Christ the Saviour helps our fellows through our own ‘hands, words, and actions’. Thus, ‘our hands become the hands of Christ’s merciful love.’

Photo Courtesy of the Lumina Newspaper

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