Romanian Diocese of Northern Europe offers scholarships for underprivileged children

O suta de copii primesc burse din partea Episcopiei Europei de Nord2

The Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe is offering monthly scholarships worth 25 Euros for one hundred underprivileged children from Copsa Mica, Sibiu County.

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, His Grace Bishop Macarie visited the Holy Archangels parish in Valea Viilor, Sibiu County, where he celebrated the Divine Liturgy together with His Grace Ilarion of Fagaras, Assistant Bishop to the Archdiocese of Sibiu.

Bishop Macarie of Northern Europe surrounded by children at the Holy Archangels Church in Valea Viilor, Sibiu County. Photo: Diocese of Northern Europe

After the Divine Liturgy, Bp Macarie personally granted the April scholarships consisting in vouchers to the disadvantaged children attending the service.

In his homily, Bishop Macarie spoke about the consequences of selfishness.

‘It is terrible to live in a state of estrangement, of distrust in your fellows, whom you see only as selfish and indifferent to the tribulations and shortcomings you face. It is terrible to be a child and gaze longingly at other children who are able to enjoy a rich life and the love of others,’ His Grace said.

The bishop urged for solidarity for the innocent children who live in need.

‘They have the right to rejoice just like the other little children! May they be able to see that others care about them, may they have the chance to feel no frustration or anger because others despise them. May they feel gratitude and thankfulness because there is human benevolence. They have people to relieve their troubles. So let us be benevolent for these smaller brothers of ours!’

As reported by the official website of the diocese, the social program is called ‘Social Scholarships for poor children in Romania’ and has been carried out for several years in partnership with the Sibiu Archdiocese.

Photography courtesy of the Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Northern Europe

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