World’s oldest man dies aged 111 and 8 months – less than a month after taking title

Dumitru Comănescu was aged 111 years and eight months old when he passed away on Saturday – just under one month after inheriting the title of the oldest living man in the world.

The oldest man in the world has died less than one month after scooping the impressive title.

Romanian Dumitru Comanescu was 111-years-old and eight months when his death was recorded on Saturday 27 June 2020.

A few days before, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel awarded the Romanian super-centenarian Dumitru Comanescu with the highest distinction of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

‘Dumitru Comanescu was the STORY MAN, who wrote history. A lover of mathematics, but passionate about plants, a passion that led him to the profession of agronomic engineer, he was behind the front to provide the country’s bread in World War II,” wrote on Facebook Alexandra Dobre, General Manager at the Center for Seniors of Bucharest.’

“He worked passionately for 70 years, he had a modest life, surrounded by the love of his family. She survived and encouraged us all during the pandemic, but from now on she will sing their beloved romances and recite the poems of the angels,” she added.

Photography courtesy of Facebook / Alexandra Dobre

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