World Teachers Day 2022: „Transformation of education begins with teachers”

The International Labour Organization (ILO), UNESCO, UNICEF and Education International adopted on Wednesday a joint statement for World Teachers Day. They quote philosopher John Dewey: “You cannot teach today the same way you did yesterday to prepare students for tomorrow”. This year’s theme of World Teachers Day is „The transformation of education begins with teachers”.

„The world has committed to transform education and to address the main obstacles that prevent teachers from leading this transformation,” is said in the statement.

The international experts have reached the conclusion that teachers are at the centre of education and their profession needs to be revalued.

“The COVID-19 crisis revealed that teachers are the engines at the heart of our education systems. Without their work, it is impossible to provide inclusive, equitable and quality education to every learner. They are also essential to pandemic recovery and preparing learners for the future. Yet unless we transform conditions for teachers, the promise of that education will remain out of reach for those who need it most,” the statement further says.

The World Teachers Day is marked yearly on October 5 to recall the day when, in 1966, a joint recommendation of UNESCO and ILO was adopted, outlining the teacher’s rights and responsibilities, international standards for their training and educational employment conditions.

In Romania, October 5 is school-free day to mark the day. Romania also marks the National Primary School Teacher on a different day, June 5.

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