Who are the Holy Guardians of the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral?

Like the watchmen who stand guard at the gates of a city, over 50 Saints supervise with their intercessions the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral.

The saints are depicted on the bronze doors providing access to the new Orthodox Cathedral in Bucharest.

Welcoming believers on the front doors are the icons of the Saviour Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother.

On the right and left of the main entrance, the doors have the depictions of the 12 Holy Apostles.

Next to the Mother of God, one can observe the icon of Saint Andrew the First-Called since he is the Patron Saint of Romania and also of the National Cathedral.

The assembly of Saints depicted on the cathedral’s doors also includes over 20 saintly persons from Romania and 7 Dacian Saints.

In a speech delivered in 2017, Patriarch Daniel said that as a gift for the devotion of the Romanian people the National Cathedral belongs to ‘the Romanian Saints of all times and places throughout this country.’

Please find below the list of the Cathedral’s Guardian Saints.




Ruler Prince Saint Stephen the Great and Venerable Daniel the Hermit

Venerable Theoctistos and Saint Peter Mogila




Sts Theotimus and Ephraim of Tomis

The Holy Brâncoveanu Martyrs

Martyr John the Wallachian and Saint John the New of Suceava

Martyrs Montanus and Maxima

Saints Parthenios and Raphael of Agapia

Saint Paisios of Neamţ and Saint Nicodemus of Tismana

Martyr Sophrony of Cioara and Saint Bessarion Sarai

Venerable Germanos of Dobrudja and Saint John Cassian




Saint Theodora of Sihla and Saint Parascheva of Iaşi

Saint John Jacob of Neamţ and Saint George
Saint Callinicus of Cernica and Saint Joseph the New of Partoş

Saint Photius the Great and Saint Nephon of Constantinople

Saint Anthimos the Iberian and Saint Gregory the Teacher

Saint Basil the Great and Saint Gregory the Theologian

Saint Simeon Stephan and Saint Andrew Şaguna

Saint John Chrysostom and Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker

Saint Barlaam of Moldavia and Saint Dositheus of Moldavia

Saint Hyacinth of Vicina and Saint Bretanion of Tomis

Next to the main doors



Apostles Andrew and John

Apostles Peter and Paul

Apostles Simeon and James

Apostles Phillip and Matthew

Apostles Judas Thaddeus and James of Alpheus

Apostles Thomas and Bartholomew

Main access doors



Mother of God

Lord Jesus Christ

The largest mosaic depicting the More Spacious than the Heavens Icon of the Mother of God was applied last month on the half-dome that stands above the altar of the National Cathedral in Bucharest.


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