We begin the Great Lent with hope and courage: #FearNot

#FearNot is the meditation-exhortation we propose to you for the Lenten season. Why? Because these are the first words that resounded after the Resurrection: the angel said these words to the myrrh-bearing women at the tomb, and the Saviour addressed them directly to His disciples. The encouragement Christ gave centuries ago is timelier than ever, now that fears are the order of the day. We are afraid of sickness, death, our neghbour, conspiracies, etc. We are so afraid that sometimes we even forget how to live and rejoice.

The Basilica News Agency suggests a paradigm shift. Thus, during Great Lent, under the theme #FearNot, you will find on our website and social platforms various articles and materials that dissect current fears and bring hope to the fore. Because although there is a pandemic, there are also reasons to hope, smile and live a Christian life.

#WeFastWithTheSaints, we are not left alone on the path to the Resurrection. We will present models of Romanian saints who distinguished themselves through an ascetic life, but also saints who wrote about fasting and its importance for body and soul.

We will make known to you reviews of books that you should gladly read during Lent and offer to others for their spiritual growth, because #TheGoodToKnow must be contagious. More contagious than the coronavirus.

In the pages of Holy Scripture are found many examples of courage that will be highlighted for our spiritual growth. From the prophet Daniel in the lions’ den, to the prophet David – a true titan for Goliath, to St. Peter who overcame his fear and walked on water. They all had one thing in common: they listened to the divine call. And they were brave.

However, Christ’s exhortation of hope and courage is closely related to another of His words to the disciples gathered for fear of the Jews: “Peace be with you.”

Feel free to join our #FearNot campaign this Lent!

Photo: Raluca Ene / Basilica.ro

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