Virtual tour of the monasteries on Mount Athos available online

Women and those unable to travel have the possibility to visit online the Holy Mount Athos. A website has made available the virtual panoramas of the Mount’s 20 monasteries. Panoramas of more sketes and cells and those of three caves will become available soon.

The virtual tours can be found on the website, where the 360-degree panoramas are accompanied by a short history and photos of the place.

The authors’ motivation was “to display the Athonite monasticism and the Orthodox monastic spirituality, for the glory of God”, as they write on the website. Their project is the result of three years’ work.

The aim of this effort is the creation of a global historical documentary with virtual access for everyone, including women, who do not have access on the Mount, the disabled and those who do not have the financial capacity to travel.

The website is in three languages: Greek, English and Russian and it contains links to the Orthodox church organizations performing social work and evangelization missions – for the visitors who wish to support them.

Photo courtesy of Facebook / Mount Athos 360

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