VIDEO | Romanian Heroes commemorated for first time at National Cathedral

The Romanian Heroes were commemorated on Saturday for the first time at the National Cathedral, a memorial church built in their honour as symbol of the country’s independence.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel presided over the memorial service having as concelebrants the Metropolitans within the Holy Synod.

Following the moving solemn moment, His Beatitude explained why he chose to officiate a memorial service before the Cathedral’s inauguration to take place.

‘We solemnly commemorate the heroes of the Romanian nation one day before the National Cathedral’s consecration to place with piety and gratitude under the Holy Altar of the Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral the names of all known Romanian heroes who sacrificed their lives during the 1877-78 Independence War, the 1913 Balkan Wars, the First World War in 1916-19, the Second World War in 1941-1945, as well as the names of the founders of the 1918 Great Union,’ the Patriarch said Nov. 24.

‘Besides the known heroes there is a multitude of unknown heroes of the Romanian nation who were buried in common graves and places, but who are known by God,’ His Beatitude added.

The National Cathedral is a symbol of Romania’s national unity and is dedicated to the feast of the Ascension of the Lord, which in Romania coincides with the Heroes Remembrance Day.

The Cathedral’s Patron Saint is the Apostle Andrew the First-Called and Protector of Romania, given the spread devotion Romanians have for their Enlightener.

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