VIDEO: Bp Damaschin of Dorna officiates final memorial service for Metropolitan Joseph Naniescu, Lay-Ascetic George Lazăr

His Grace Damaschin of Dorna, Assistant Bishop to the Archdiocese of Suceava and Rădăuţi, officiated Saturday evening, March 24, the final memorial service for the soon-to-be officially proclaimed saints Metropolitan Joseph Naniescu of Moldavia and the Lay-Ascetic George Lazăr.

The formal Rite of Glorification begins with a final Memorial Service for the person about to be canonised, after which Vespers and Matins with special hymns to the saint are chanted and the saint’s icon is unveiled. The saint’s life is published and the date of his or her commemoration is established. The other Orthodox Churches are notified of the glorification so that they can place the new saint’s name on their calendars.

Slujba Vecerniei la sărbătoarea Bunei Vestiri oficiată de Preasfințitul Părinte Damaschin Dorneanu, la Catedrala Mitropolitană din Iași

Posted by TRINITAS TV on 24 Martie 2018

Metropolitan Joseph Naniescu was born in Bessarabia and shepherded the Metropolis of Moldavia between 1875-1902.

The Venerable lay-ascetic George Lazar was born in 1846 and spent many years as a pilgrim to the Holy Places. He passed away to the Lord in 1916 after living many years in solitude, fast, prayer, and poverty.

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