Transylvania Metropolitan urges prayer for loving protection of the Virgin Mary in times of pandemic

In addition to the recommendation to respect the regulations announced by authorities, Metropolitan Laurentiu of Transylvania advised the clergy to officiate every morning the Supplicatory Canon of the Theotokos and to read the special prayer for the cessation of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We ask all the ministers of the altars in all the parishes and monasteries of the Sibiu Archdiocese to officiate every morning of this period, at 8.00 am, in addition to the regular Lenten services, the Supplicatory Canon of the Mother of God, followed by the special prayer for the cessation of the new epidemic,” noted the metropolitan of Transylvania in a document transmitted to the parishes and monasteries in the diocese.

“We pray for all the sick from here and from all over the world, but we also remember all the doctors, nurses and medical workers everywhere.”

His Eminence told the clergy “to direct the believers to calm, patience and wisdom while remaining at the same time unwavering in our faith, which is a source of comfort, prayer and hope.”

The Metropolitan expressed his hope that “together, united in prayer and Christian love, with the help of the Most Compassionate God and His Most Blessed Mother, we will succeed.”

Photography courtesy of the Metropolis of Transylvania

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