Thousands of pro-life advocates gather at yearly rally in Bucharest

Romania’s March for Life gathered thousands of people across the country on Saturday, March 23, 2019, to defend the life of unborn children and of mothers in a pregnancy crisis.

This year’s demonstration was organized in over 600 cities throughout Romania and the Republic of Moldova under the title ‘Unique from the first second’.

In Bucharest, the march was organized by the local Students for Life Association and started at Unirii Square.

The final stop was Tineretului Park, where several pro-life activists and supporters held speeches.

The event came just two days before the International Day of the Unborn Child on March 25, which coincides with the Feast of the Annunciation, when Christians recall the moment when Virgin Mary was announced that she would become the Mother of God.

The first to deliver a speech was the President of Students for Life Association and medical student Eliza-Maria Clotea, who encouraged women who experience a pregnancy crisis, noting that the March for Life means ‘we support you and your child’ through ‘the thousands of voices grateful for the gift of life.’

Eliza thanked God and her parents for giving her the right to live, and pointed out that heartbeats appearing just 16 days after conception represent ‘the most reassuring signal that there is life’.

Ending her speech, the President of the Student for Life Association called on society to provide support in order to establish new centres for women in a pregnancy crisis.

Alexandra Nadane, President of the Romania for Life Association and Executive Director of St Alexandra the Empress Counseling and Support Centre in Bucharest, stressed that people who rallied show respect for life.

She underscored that ‘behind every abortion there is a lack of support’ and urged everyone ‘to do something for women in a pregnancy crisis.’

‘It is not a child’s fault for the pregnancy crisis generated by an adult,’ she said.

Monica Radu, a mother of three children, spoke from her wheelchair with much confidence. ‘Anything is possible. When you do the things of God, everything else adds up.’

‘It is not so difficult to bring up a child,’ Monica said encouraging women to have children.

An accident that happened 21 years ago left Monica paralyzed, but she kept fighting for the life of her children.

‘If you open your heart, you can observe that a mother has the light of grace around her. As for me, I feel this grace when my children embrace me,’ she said.

Photography courtesy of / Raluca Ene

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