Thousands of people venerate Saint Paisios of mount Athos at his tomb

Thousands of people queued from early in the morning on Wednesday to pray at the tomb of Saint Paisios in northern Greece, Greek Reporter reports.

On Thursday, July 12, the Orthodox Church celebrated the memory of Elder Paisios, whose canonization was made on January 13, 2015 with a decision by the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

In the Sanctuary where the Elder was laid to rest on July 12, 1994, a late vigil was held.

For yet another year, minivans transported the faithful to the Monastery of St John the Theologian in Souroti, Thessaloniki, from the early hours, while hundreds of cars also made the trip.

Saint Paisios of Mount Athos was one of the most revered elders of the Greek Orthodox Church, with many Greeks viewing him as a prophet. Born Arsenios Eznepidis (1924–1994), he was a beloved ascetic from Mount Athos, who originated from Pharasa, Cappadocia.

Elder Paisios was mostly respected for his spiritual guidance and ascetic life and highly venerated by Orthodox Christians worldwide, especially in Greece and Russia.

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