The Week in Pictures: September 20 – 26, 2021

There were many religious events in România and the rest of the Orthodox world between September 20 and 26. Please find their story in the pictures below.

Father Serafim of Turnu Monastery picking hawthorn fruit. Photo: Hieromonk Juvenalie
Autumn crocuses blossomed on Sion Hill, above Putna Monastery. Photo: Putna Monastery
In Albania, each student was blessed and given a small icon by Archbishop Anastasios for the beginning of the school year. Photo: Facebook / Stephanos & Alexandria Missionaries to Albania
An elderly lady holding the icon of Great-martyr Eustatius at the patronal feast of the Iancu Vechi – Mătăsari Church in Bucharest. Photo: / Raluca Ene
Fr. Visarion Alexa of Bucharest conferenced in Namur, Belgium, for the young people of the Romanian diaspora. Photo: Visarion Alexa
On his birthday, radio host Daniel Buzdugan posted on social media a photo with him standing in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iași. Photo: Daniel Buzdugan
The Putna Monastery church profiling in the twilight before the Vigil for the Protection of the Mother of God and the Placing of St Jacob of Putna’s relics into the reliquary. Photo: Putna Monastery
Raluca Mihalache, a reporter with Trinitas TV, the television channel of the Romanian Patriarchate, visited Orthodox actor Jonathan Jackson in Ireland for a show on Orthodox family life. Photo: Raluca Mihalache
The reliquary with the hand of the Holy Myrrh-bearer Mary Magdalene was brought from the Simonos Petra Athonite monastery to Pantocrator Monastery in southern Romania. Photo: / Mircea Florescu
Child lighting a candle at “Christ the Saviour” Cathedral in Moscow. Photo: Russian Patriarchate
Young Romanians dressed in folk costumes participated in the Divine Liturgy at “The Birth of the Mother of God” Church in Rohia. Photo: Diocese of Maramureș and Sătmar
The ceremony of placing Bishop Nifon Niculescu’s remains in the crypt from the Archdiocesan Cathedral in Galaţi, inaugurated by him during World War I. The bishop’s remains were brought from Bucharest. Photo: Archdiocese of Lower Danube
The feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross according to the unrevised calendar in the Jerusalem Patriarchate. Photo: Jerusalem Patriarchate
Young people dressed in national costume greeted the hierarchs at the “Dormition of the Mother of God” parish in the city of Cluj-Napoca. Their parish church was re-blessed 60 years after its consecration. Photo: Metropolis of Cluj, Maramureș and Sălaj / Darius Echim
The Archdiocesan Cathedral in Curtea de Argeș celebrated its second patronal feast: Holy Prince Neagoe Basarab. Photo: Archdiocese of Argeș and Muscel / Cristian Gheorghe
Protopsaltes Ioannis Chasanidis of Thessaloniki offered the liturgical answers during the feast of St. Silouan the Athonite at Crnogorski Monastery in Bulgaria. Photo: Bulgarian Patriarchate
The feast of the Elevation of the Holy Cross according to the unrevised calendar at Warsaw Cathedral. Photo: Orthodox Church of Poland
Bruchsal Parish of the Romanian diaspora in Germany celebrated its first anniversary. Photo: Serafim Armanca
Monk participating in the consecration of the main church of the Pantocrator Monastery in southern Romania. Photo: / Raluca Ene

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