The Week in Pictures: November 2 – 8, 2020

Join us for the start of November with Orthodox photography. Please find below children and elderly portraits, as well as fall landscapes: it is our latest selection for the Week in Pictures.

The Sihastria Putnei glade dressed in fall colours. Photo: Facebook / Darius Darie
A child acolyte is proudly playing the semantron at Comana Monastery. Photo: Comana Monastery / Dragoș Grigore
A priest visits a Covid-19 hospital in Russia. Photo: Facebook / Alexey Pelevin
The nuns from the Administrative Center of the Diocese of Timișoara made 2,600 disposable towels in one night for patients and medical staff from the Intensive Care Units of local hospitals. Photo: Metropolis of Banat
A military priest and his son serve in the Romanian Air Force at Bacău, in north-eastern Romania. Photo: Facebook / “Aviation Hero Captain Alexandru Şerbănescu” 95 Air Base
The Romanian church in Tokyo was consecrated on November 3. Photo: CB Photography
Children at the “Holy Archangels” Church in the city of Crăieşti, Galaţi county. Photo: Facebook / Archdiocese of Lower Danube
Metropolitan Amfilohije’s mural portrait on a street in the city of Niș, Serbia. The beloved hierarch reposed in the Lord and was given national funerals. Photo:
The St Joseph Orthodox Church in Huston, USA. Photo: Twitter / Fr Joseph Huneycutt
After celebrating the Divine Liturgy, Bishop Ambrozie baptized a child at the Herești Parish Church in the county of Giurgiu. Photo: Facebook / Diocese of Giurgiu
Some of the children from the “Holy Archangels” Parish in Baia Mare wear masks personalized with their names. Photo: Facebook / Diocese of Maramureș and Sătmar
Fall landscape at Putna Monastery. Photo: Facebook / Putna Monastery
The Divine Liturgy celebrated at Timișeni Sag Monastery. Photo: Daniel Anitas
The religious service at the Sretensky Monastery is live-streamed with a smartphone. Photo: Instagram / Sretensky Monastery
The Metropolitan Cathedral in Iași reflected on a sidewalk pool. Photo source: Daniel Buzdugan – Instagram, ©️Liviu Bârsan
A house from Măgura village, in the town of Lower Moeciu, is protected by a cross mounted on the roof. Photo: Cârlig Ștefana
An elderly lady participates in the Divine Liturgy celebrated to mark the patronal feast of the Holy Archangels – Cașin Church in Bucharest. Photo: / Mircea Florescu

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