The Week in Pictures: March 30 – April 5, 2020

Orthodox life has adapted to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, trying to turn social isolation into spiritual progress. Find below our selection of photos from the Orthodox world between March 30 and April 5, 2020.

Georgians drew flowers on the pavement to mark the required distance between the service participants, after the authorities imposed sanitary restrictions. Photo: Facebook / Ivan Nazaric
Video meeting held by the Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church . Photo: Orthodoxia News Agency
The Serbian faithful praying outside churches due to social distancing requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo: Facebook / Thomas Soroka
Patriarch Theodore inaugurated the new museum of “St Savvas” Monastery in Alexandria, Egypt. Photo: Orthodox Times
Putna Monastery, in northeastern Romania, commemorated at home the martyrs from Fântâna Albă, a village now on Ukrainian territory which in 1941 was the scene for something very similar to the Katyn massacre (Poland): Soviet occupants killed thousands of Romanian locals. Each 1st of April, the village is usually a meeting point for Romanians from both sides of the border. But this year the commemoration was organized separately due to the state of emergency instated in both countries. Photo: Facebook / Putna Monastery
The relics of St John the New on the streets of Suceava city. The procession passed by the Municipal Hospital. Photo: Lumina Newspaper / Cristi Turculeț
The Metropolis of Banat is making bed linen sets and towels for the hospitals in the western-Romanian city of Timișoara. Photo: Metropolis of Banat
Commemoration of His Grace Milutin, Bishop of the Orthodox Serbian Church, who died of coronavirus. Photo:
A priest kneeling during the religious service in an empty church from the village of Stulpicani, in the Romanian northern province of Bukovina. Photo: Sorin Onișor
“Uncle” Mitică from the Bukovina, Romania, was given food and masks respecting social distancing rules. Photo: Sorin Onișor
His Grace Visarion, Bishop of Tulcea, prayed for an end to the coronavirus pandemic in the highest point of the city of Tulcea, which is near the Danube Delta. Photo: Diocese of Tulcea
Aunt Tica and Aunt Doina from Bukovina try to adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo: Sorin Onișor
Evening Service with the Akathist Hymn at the historic Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest. Photo: / Raluca Ene
Evening Service with the Akathist Hymn officiated by the Patriarch of Jerusalem at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre without participation of the faithful, due to the pandemic sanitary restrictions. Photo: Patriarchate of Jerusalem
His Eminence Casian, Archbishop of Lower Danube, celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Archdiocesan Cathedral in the eastern-Romanian city of Galați. Photo: Facebook / Arhiepiscopia Dunării de Jos
100 Byzantine chanters pray to the Mother of God for Romania. Photo: You Tube
The relics of St Paraskeva were carried through the main cities from Iași, Neamț and Botoșani counties in Eastern Romania. Photo: Doxologia / Tudorel Rusu
The Divine Liturgy on the Fifth Sunday of the Great Lent (of Venerable St Mary of Egypt) at the “St Apostles Peter and Paul” Cathedral in the city of Mioveni. Photo: Vuțan Vasile-Liviu
The mayor and two officers kneel to pay homage to Saint Paraskeva as a convoy carrying her holy relics passed by the town hall of Botoșani. Photo: Facebook / Emanuel Buta
The relics of St Demetrios the New, patron saint of Bucharest city, were carried in processions through the streets of Bucharest. Photo: / Raluca Ene

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