The Week in Pictures: August 5 – 11, 2019

The news in pictures. A selection of photographs from around the Orthodox world, covering a variety of topics from church celebrations to ‘religious’ sports and spiritual life.

His Eminence Metropolian Teofan of Moldavia and Bukovina performed the baptism of young Rwandan Theophile Niyigena on Ceahlau Mountain. Photo: Doxologia / Oana Nichifor
Bishop Veniamin of Southern Bessarabia (left) and Metropolitan Teofan of Moldavia and Bukovina (right) resting during their hike in the Ceahlau Mountain. Photo: Facebook / Diocese of Southern Bessarabia
Archbishop Makarios of Australia playing with children at Alphington Grammar School. Photo: orthodoxia news agency
Young boy dressed in Romanian blouse standing next to the Archbishop’s staff during the Sunday Divine Liturgy in Bacău. Photo: Facebook / Precista Bacău Church
This granny from Ianca, Brăila County, showed to young girls how to weave carpets using the loom. Photo: Lower Danube Archdiocese
A very concentrated prayer during the consecration of a new church at Păltiniș Skete. Photo: Metropolis of Transylvania
Metropolitan Dionysios of Zakynthos holds a snake of the Theotokos. Photo: Romfea / Instagram
Monk in a kayak during a pilgrimage to Supraśl, Poland. Photo:

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