The Maternal Home of the Diaconia Mission celebrates nine years of existence. It hosted 130 mothers and their children

The Maternal Home “In Mother’s Arms” established by Diaconia, the Social Mission of the Metropolis of Bessarabia, celebrates nine years of existence. In this period, it was HOME for 130 mothers and their children, until they could be socially reintegrated.

This centre helps mothers in pregnancy crisis and mothers of infant children who are constrained to abandon their offspring: single mothers, teenage mothers, mothers from low-income families, marginalized mothers.

“Mark Twain said kindness is the language heard by the deaf and seen by the blind,” declared Mihaela Belei, programme coordinator.

“It is the most precious lesson we learned in nine years. All humans change if they receive love, understanding and kindness. It is exactly what we try to provide daily to mothers and little children. This is how we manage together to get through the difficult periods in their lives,” she added.

The maternal home offers to the mother-child couples services of accommodation, spiritual assistance, legal counselling, psychological counselling, support group, parental education, information about available social services, paperwork help, career counselling.

Whoever wants to help a child grow up in mother’s arms can do the following:

  1. Donate clothes, baby stroller, toys;
  2. Donate hygiene products, diapers, food products;
  3. Donate 150 MDL (7.6 EUR) to cover the costs of one day of assistance in the maternal home for a mother-child couple;
  4. Donate 4,500 MDL (228 EUR) to cover the costs of one month of assistance in the maternal home for a mother-child couple;
  5. Spread the cause on social media (Facebook, Instagram etc);
  6. Organize fundraisers in your team;
  7. Share with the mothers from the maternal home a passion of your own which could help them if they learn it;
  8. Volunteer for events organized to support the centre;
  9. Subscribe to the newsletter to be up to date with the news about the project.

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Photo courtesy of Diaconia Social Mission / Vlad Ceban

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