The Feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle at the Romanian Patriarchate

Today, 30 November 2012, the Orthodox Church celebrates Saint Andrew the Apostle, the First Called, the Protector of Romania. The day of 30 November was consecrated as free legal feast by Law no 147 of 23 July 2012, adopted by the Senate of Romania on 23 November 2011 and by the Chamber of Deputies on 26 June 2012, and then promulgated by Decree no 517/20 July 2012 by the President of Romania.

The Divine Liturgy was celebrated at the Patriarchal Cathedral of Bucharest by His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of Romania, assisted by His Grace Ciprian Campineanul together with a group of priests and deacons.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel spoke in the sermon delivered about the moment Saint Andrew the Apostle was called by Jesus Christ, our Saviour, to the accomplishment of the holy work of preaching the salvation Gospel.

The preaching of the salvation Gospel is a holy work to which God calls the humans according to His good will without their knowing before, said His Beatitude, while presenting the life of Saint Andrew the Apostle.

While speaking about the preaching of the Protector of Romania, His Beatitude showed that Saint Andrew the Apostle has a special significance for the Romanian people because it was from him that we received the apostolic faith.

Then, the Patriarch of Romania presented the important moments by which the feast of Saint Andrew the Apostle has become legal free feast showing that this Feast has become a feast of the entire Romanian Orthodoxy and of all the Romanian people.

The worshipping of Saint Andrew the Apostle shows first of all our dignity of Apostolic Church, while our dignity of people with old apostolic age and faith becomes one more duty, namely to be missionaries of the apostolic faith, His Beatitude also said.

The Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church has also shown that the Romanian Patriarchate has the duty to preach the apostolic faith received from Saint Andrew the Apostle.

The Patriarch of Romania has also spoken about the Cathedral for the Nation’s Salvation showing that this construction is a symbol of the apostolic dignity and faith of the Romanian people.

To end with the sermon, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel wished all those of the name of Saint Andrew the Apostle many years of happy life and help of God: “We wish all those of the name Andrei or Andreea many happy years of life, good health and much help of God for keeping the apostolic faith in doing good deeds, in the cultivation of our Orthodox and national unity for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity and worship of Saint Andrew the Apostle, and for our salvation too.”

Then, after the Divine Liturgy, a festive celebration took place in Europa Christiana hall of the Patriarchate Palace, in the presence of His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, on the occasion of the anniversary of five years since the consecration of the place of the Cathedral for the Nation’s Salvation.

The festive moment began with the opening ceremony of the exhibition of photographs entitled the Cathedral for the Nation’s Salvation – Europa Christiana hall. The documentary entitled Cathedral for the Nation’s Salvation – Basilica of Saint Andrew the Apostle made by Trinitas Television was also watched.

Then, the book entitled Cathedral for the Nation’s Salvation – beginning of accomplishments was launched, presented by Mr. Constantin Noica, the author of the book.

To end with, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel addressed a blessing speech: “We thank God for all the work done so far as well as those through whom God worked at all levels. I think first of all of those who drafted the project, of those who execute the construction and of all the hierarchs, priests and faithful of our Church who send us some little money to the Patriarchate every month with the respective bills. We also thank the central authorities, to Boc and Ponta governments who helped us according to the budget, as well as to some of the city halls of Bucharest. The most recent donation on behalf of a city hall was received last night from the city hall of district 5 where the Cathedral is being built”.

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