The Eleventh Edition of the Religion Olympics

The Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of the Americas, with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop and Metropolitan Nicolae and His Grace Bishop Ioan Casian, announces the 11th edition of the Religion Olympics.

Religion Olympics is a competition of excellence that addresses children with skills and special interests to Religion, from the parishes of our Metropolia. Participation in the Olympics is optional and individual. Children between 8-18 years enrolled or not in the Parochial schools program may participate in the Olympics in one of the two age groups.

These categories are:

  • Between 8-12 years old
  • Between 13-18 years old

The 2020 Religion Olympics will have the theme: Love of God and neighbor”

Stages, dates and venues of the Olympics

I. Local Stage (parish)

  • Will be held on Sunday March 29, 2020 Fourth Sunday of the Great Lent.
  • The associated parishes (if applies) can also participate at this stage.
  • Olympics are recommended to take place after the Divine Liturgy.

II. Metropolitan Center Stage

  • Will be held on May 10, 2020 the Third Sunday after Pascha.
  • Metropolitan centers and surrounding parishes are:
  • Eastern USA– will be hosted by St. Dumitru Monastery, Middletown  NY (NYC, Rochester, Syracuse, Philadelphia, Reading, Norfolk, Rockaway, Worcester, Southbridge, Boston, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, San Antonio*)
  • Central USA– will be hosted by Holy Trinity Church, Troy MI (Detroit, Troy, Windsor, Cleveland, Chicago, Fort Wayne, Lansing, South St. Paul)
  • Western USA* (Los Angeles, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Hayward, Torrance, Seattle)
  • Edmonton* (Boian, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, New Westminster, Saskatoon)
  • Toronto area– will be hosted by All Saints parish, Toronto ON (Ontario parishes less parishes in Windsor and Ottawa)
  • Montreal area– will be hosted by St. John the Baptist, Montreal  QC  (Quebec parishes plus Ottawa)

* Due to the distances between the metropolitan centers, the Board of Education has developed few years back for Western USA and Canada and the parishes from the south of USA, a different way to participate, according to the Olympics Regulation.

The Theme for the Olympics  both on local and metropolitan stage, consists on curriculum for the Parochial Schools of the Metropolia for the 2019/2020 school year.

It reads as in the documents attached. Download.

The themes written in black are for local stage (parish). Add blue threads to the previous ones for the metropolitan center stage.

At the metropolitan stage, the first prize brings free participation in the Metropolia summer camp of 2020 in Allegan, Michigan. Each parish and metropolitan center will have a precise regulation to clarify the conduct of the Olympics. More information can be obtained from Father Daniel Ene, the Eparchial Secretary and the Chairman of the Education Commission of our Holy Metropolia.

English article by The Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of the Americas

Photo credit: Raluca Ene/Basilica News Agency

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