The Church sends a message of hope to the youth away from addictions – Archbishop Ieronymos

On the occasion of the International Day Against Drug Abuse, the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece sends a message to young people.

Archbishop Ieronymos says young people that the addictions of our time, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, as well as Internet addiction, etc. “have a common cause, the beginning of a spiritual death.”

According to the Archbishop of Athens today’s families and societies are built without any values, love and hope, Romfea News reports.

He points out to young people that relations now depend on need and personal interest, and fear and panic cannot protect us from the dangers of addiction.

Inviting young people to the Church, he notes that we need to have hope and love and seek the values that faith in God gives us.

“Our God is not just Crucified, He is Risen; He does not know only the pain of men but, above all, He knows how to give life and surplus life.

So, our Church has been living for 2000 years now within this abundance of life and Grace, and, therefore, sends a message of hope to those who want to fight, away from addictions,” Archbishop of Athens says, closing his message.

Photo courtesy of Romfea News

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