The (Bright) Week in Pictures: May 2–9, 2021

The Orthodox world was illumined by the Feast of the Resurrection of the Lord, celebrated in the presence of the faithful this year. Please find below how the photographers saw Bright Week (May 2–9, 2021) through the lens.

The Second Day of Easter at the Horodnicul de Sus Parish in northeastern Romania. Photo: Larisa Damean
St Ephraimos the New celebrated at Radu Vodă Monastery in Bucharest. Photo: Mariana Stancă
Pilgrim access was banned at the St Ephraimos the New Monastery in Nea Makri, Greece, in the context of Covid-19 restrictions. Photo:
The feast of the Life-Giving Spring of the Mother of God at “St Anna” Monastery in southwestern Romania. Photo: Marginean Ana
Spring in full swing at the “Holy Emperors Constantine and Helen” Parish in Vișeu de Sus from the northern-Romanian Maramureș county. Photo: Monica Grad
Cross reflected in water at the patronal feast of the “Life-Giving Spring” Church in Horodnicul de Sus, Suceava county. Photo: Alexandru Lungoci
His Grace Timotei of Prahova blessing with holy water the participants to the Life-Giving Spring feast on the Patriarchate Hill in Bucharest, Romania. Photo: / Mircea Florescu
Pastel painting on Bright Week at Dervent Monastery. Photo: Protosyncellus Sofronie Bobaru
Blossoming peonies in the Natural Reserve “Zau de Câmpie”. Photo: Marius Romilă
Unceasing prayer: a nun from Ghighiu Monastery prays with a prayer rope during the feast of the Life-Giving Spring of the Mother of God. Photo: / Raluca Ene
Archbishop Casian at the “Annunciation” Church in the city of Brăila, by the Danube River. Faithful come to the church every year on Bright Week to take blessed water from the spring under the Holy Altar Table. Photo: Archdiocese of Lower Danube
Water blessing at the healing spring from Dervent Monastery. Photo: Archdiocese of Tomis / Vali Vădănoiu
The feast of the Life-Giving Spring at Putna Monastery. Photo: Facebook / Putna Monastery
Rainbow over the new church of Dervent Monastery. Photo: Gabi Gheonea
Bitter-sweet rememberance. Photo: Facebook / Pr. Igor Palkin
Metropolitan Andrei offers the Holy Communion to the children in his native village, Oarța de Sus, in the county of Maramureș. Photo: Metropolis of Cluj, Maramureș and Sălaj
Metropolitan Sava of Poland blessing the faithful with holy water. Photo: Orthodox Church of Poland
His Grace Timotei of Prahova consecrating the painting of the “Cărămidarii de Sus” Parish Church in Bucharest. Photo: / Raluca Ene

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