The abortion death toll in 2020 was five times higher than the cancer death rate: 42.7 million

Almost 43 million unborn children lost their lives through abortion last year, according to Christian Post. The source quotes Worldometers real-time statistics platform. This death toll is five times higher than in cancer, one of the leading causes of death globally.

The first five days of 2021 have already seen 550,000 abortions, according to The statistics keep the same pace from last year: approximately 110,000 abortions daily.

Worldometers data are based on statistics supplied by states to the World Health Organization (WHO). Yet, in countries such as Romania, the official data do not include abortions made in private clinics and chemical abortions, so the numbers could be much higher.

There were 59 million deaths globally last year. If the number of unborn children killed by abortion is added to this, these victims would make 40% of last year’s deaths.

An American study shows that almost two-thirds of the women who choose abortion do it after being pressured into it. This is the very definition of the pregnancy crisis, which too often ends with the woman choosing abortion against her will and her own conscience.

Research also shows there are psychological consequences for the woman who walks this path, abortion trauma leading to depression, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts.

“Just as we pay special attention to the Covid-19 health crisis and we invest resources and energy in its prevention and treatment, we need to do the same to find solutions to pregnancy crisis. This is a complex type of crisis, which requires intervention on many levels. And there are solutions that can save both mother and child,” says Alexandra Nadane, Executive Director of the Association for Pregnant Women and Family Support.

Her organization inaugurated last year a new crisis pregnancy help centre in Bucharest.

In 2020, almost 43 million children perished because of abortion. By comparison, communicable diseases killed 13 million people, cancer 8.2 million, smoking 5.1 million, alcohol 2.5 million, the new coronavirus 1.8 million and traffic accidents 1.4 million.

Therefore, abortion killed last year more than cancer, malaria, AIDS, smoking, alcohol, the Covid-19 pandemic and road accidents combined.

The Worldometers real-time statistics platform was voted by the members of the American Association of Libraries as one of the best free resources on the Internet.

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