Saint Neagoe Basarab remains a bright figure in the history of the Romanian people: Patriarch Daniel at Snagov Monastery

“Although he reigned only nine years, between 1512 and 1521, the Holy Prince Neagoe Basarab remained a bright figure in the history of the Romanian people,” the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church said at Snagov Monastery on Sunday, September 26, 2021.

Saint Neagoe Basarab is the founder and protector saint of the monastic settlement in Snagov.
In his speech on Sunday, Patriarch Daniel outlined a spiritual portrait of the ruler of Wallachia.

“He distinguished himself by wisdom, godliness, and generosity. He was especially taught to know the Holy Scriptures and the writings of the Holy Fathers of the Church.”

“His rich Christian-inspired teaching is evident in his writing entitled ‘The Teachings of Neagoe Basarab to His Son Theodosius,’ which is a spiritual, pedagogical, cultural, military, and diplomatic guide. Because in this book he teaches his son to know how to behave with the boyars, the army, the people, with the foreign dignitaries and what relations to cultivate with the neighbouring peoples when he would become a ruler of Wallachia.”

“This ruler prince was a peaceful man. He did not wage wars. In addition to being wise and peaceful, he was also very merciful. He helped many monasteries in Wallachia, but also churches and monasteries occupied by the Ottomans in Greece, Syria and especially on the Holy Mount Athos. Today, 13 of the 20 monasteries on the Holy Mount Athos remember him every day as their founder and benefactor.”

Saint Neagoe Basarab was also a great founder and restorer of holy places.

“Dozens of monasteries in Wallachia were supported, repaired, renovated by him. In particular, his main work in the field of foundations is the church of Curtea de Argeş monastery, which was consecrated in 1517 by Patriarch Theoleptus of Constantinople.”

“Among its foundations is the church of Snagov Monastery. The monastery is a symbol of piety, but also a symbol of generosity and pan-Orthodox solidarity.”

“We have come here today to thank God for all the gifts He has poured out on this monastic hearth through the founding rulers who helped this monastery,” Patriarch Daniel noted.

Snagov Monastery has three patronal feasts. In addition to Saint Neagoe Basarab, the monastery is dedicated to Saint Anthimus the Georgian and the Annunciation of the Theotokos.

Photography courtesy of Lumina Newspaper / Mircea Popa

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