Russian TV series on St. Matrona available with english subtitles on YouTube

The Blessed Saint Matrona is one of the most beloved Muscovite saints, who lived and worked miracles in our times, and her story and relics are cherished by all Russians.

Now, English speakers can be glad to hear that a Russian TV series on this wonderful saint is available on YouTube with English subtitles.

The series is the result of nine years of archival work, putting together some of the most amazing miracles attributed to St. Matrona, and is aptly named “The Wonderworker Woman.”

Those familiar with Russian Christian TV serials and movies are aware of how moving and powerful these productions can be.

In particular, one of the most famous of these films was the movie “Ostrov” (The Island), also available with English subtitles, which tells the remarkable story of a clairvoyant fool for Christ—Fr. Anatoly. For many, that film unexpectedly became their first introduction to the depths of Eastern Orthodoxy spirituality, and sparked a deeper interest in the faith.

OrthoChristian previously reported on how the star of that film, Petr Mamonov, recently underwent successful heart surgery.

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