Romania’s National Cathedral enters final stage of construction as its consecration is scheduled for November

The consecration ceremony of the century-long desired Romanian People’s Salvation Cathedral is scheduled for the end of November to mark the 100th anniversary of Romania’s 1918 Great Union. We have looked into the next stages of construction that must be completed until the new Patriarchal Cathedral in Bucharest will be consecrated.

‘At present the works are at a very advanced stage of construction with the resistance structure of the Cathedral’s main body being 90% completed,’ engineer Vasile Cracaoanu reported. The patriarchal adviser at the Romanian Patriarchate’s Department of Church Monuments and Buildings said that the concrete frame structure of the main Dome also known as Christ the Pantocratoros or the Ruler of the Universe will reach its 106 m height at the end of July 2018.

Speaking about the Dome’s roof, building engineer Vasile Cracaoanu noted that the works at the metallic structure will be completed by September 2018, while the copper roof will be completed by November 2018.

The Cathedral’s windows will be placed in several stages. In the first phase scheduled for July, windows will be placed up to 45 m. A second stage of window placement is foreseen in October 2018.

The six bells of the National Cathedral will be installed in August and will be fully functional until October.

The crosses will be placed on the Cathedral’s domes by the end of October, when the bronze doors will be installed at the main entrances.

Bucharest’s National Cathedral dedicated to Saint Andrew, the enlightener and patron saint of Romania, and to all Romanian heroes commemorated on the feast of the Ascension of the Lord will be consecrated this November to mark a century of the 1918 Great Union.

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