Romania’s monasteries, recommended by Prince Charles

Prince Charles, a promoter of Romania in the world, mentioned Romania’s monasteries among the places to visit in the country in the latest material produced by Wild Carpathia.

The message is delivered in a five-minute film meant to support the local tourist industry – “A Special Message from HRH the Prince of Wales in Support of the Romanian Tourist Industry.”

“Over the years since my first visit, more than 20 years ago, I have come to know and love so much about Romania, her unique historic heritage, unrivalled biodiversity, her vast mixed forests, and breath-taking natural landscapes. As much as I have seen, there is so much more that I long to explore. Romania is an astonishingly diverse country,” the prince says.

He mentions spots such as the Danube Delta, the forests, springs and monasteries of Bucovina, Moldova and the Maramureș, the hills of the Apuseni or the wilds of Harghita, the precious collections in Bucharest museums or the wild beauty of the Iron Gates Gorge, the castles and Saxon villages of Transylvania, the remote valleys of Banat and Crișana, the Dacian fortresses, and the Greek cities of Histria and Argamum.

“To find such huge health of natural and cultural diversity under a single flag is quite remarkable, and it’s one of the features that make Romania such a unique and special corner of Europe. So too is the determination of the Romanian people to preserve and protect their heritage, to hold fast to their crafts and traditions and retain the very best of the past whilst building a brighter future,” Prince Charles says.

Touching on the profound change brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, the prince speaks of the devastating impact it had on the tourist industry and the associated businesses and jobs.

“This year, all of us have experienced a profound moment of change as our lives have been turned upside down by the first major pandemic that any of us has known. It has been a time of huge uncertainty and anxiety not just for the safety of those closes to us, our friends, and our families but also for the future welfare and livelihoods of so many people. All around the world, countries shut their borders, and it became necessary for people to stop travelling. I do know just what a devastating effect this has had on the tourist industry, on hotels, restaurants, and other tourist businesses, and on the millions of jobs that depend on them.”

The prince also says he will continue to champion the importance of protecting and celebrating Romania’s heritage.


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