Romanian radio host Mihai Morar receives Church Order of Maramures Diocese

Romanian radio personality Mihai Morar received the Archbishop Justinian Cross and Medal on behalf of His Eminence Bishop Justin of Maramures and Satmar during a ceremony held at the diocesan cathedral in Baia Mare on Christmas day.

The church order was bestowed to Mihai Morar, who was born in Baia Mare, as a token of appreciation for promoting the Romanian village and Orthodox values in the media.

The radio showman thanked the hierarch for the distinctions and spoke about the importance of the Nativity of the Lord.

‘You don’t need anything more. You don’t need petals or light games. This defines Christmas: pretzels, some apples and a fir tree around which family gathers, the loved ones gather,’ Mihai Morar said December 25.

‘Christmas is about love because Christ is love. Love is horizontal, love of the neighbour, love of children, love of parents. Love is also vertical: divine love.’

Morar said he did not expect to receive the church distinctions on behalf of his home diocese.

‘I really didn’t know this was going to happen to me. I came to the service as a simple Christian, I knelt down and enjoyed the liturgy and the sermon. Thank you very much for carrying me in your soul. I am not a symbol; I am not an ambassador. I am just a Christian, who forwards this word of love.’

“I am very happy that I received this token of love, so I like to say, in a place that is very, very dear to me, even though every time I come to Maramures I go to the church where I was baptized.”

Mihai Morar started his radio career with Daniel Buzdugan; Currently, the two are hosting a show at a famous radio station in Bucharest.

Photography courtesy of the Maramureş Diocese

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