Romanian Prodromos Skete denies existence of Covid outbreak on Mount Athos

The Romanian Skete of the Honourable Forerunner (Prodromos) denies the existence of an outbreak of Covid-19 in Mount Athos.

“All the Romanian monks with whom we consulted, but also those of other nationalities, stated that no one is sick with Covid-19,” the abbot of the monastic settlement, Archimandrite Atanasie, wrote in an official document.

It has been reported in the Romanian media that more than 1,000 monks on Mount Athos have been infected with coronavirus, and eight of them have died.

Archimandrite Atanasie of Prodromos denied this, as the number of 1,000 people is very large and represents about half of the total number of Athonite monastics.

Photography courtesy of / Mircea Florescu

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