Romanian Patriarchate welcomes Government’s decision to resume regular worship inside churches

‘The Romanian Patriarchate received with joy the intensely awaited and fully justified decision of the authorities to allow the celebration of religious services inside the churches, with the participation of the faithful, in compliance with clear and still necessary regulations,” the Patriarchate’s spokesman Vasile Bănescu told Tuesday.

The decision to allow religious services to be officiated inside the places of worship was announced on Tuesday by the Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, after the Government meeting.

In this context, the spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate noted that the Romanian Orthodox Church, as before, “will follow the rules of sanitary nature and will constantly reiterate them in the set of recommendations it will transmit to its faithful.”

Vasile Bănescu, spokesman of the Romanian Patriarchate. Photo: / Mircea Florescu

According to Vasile Bănescu, “it is essential to constantly, but with discernment, recover the full normality of our social life”, adding that this “concerns each of us and requires our personal responsibility”.

“Authentic faith civilizes, produces moral attention, care and respect for others. Therefore, faith honours in the highest degree. As well as its observance,” underscored the spokesperson of the Romanian Patriarchate.

Services in places of worship were partially restricted during the state of emergency and alert due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Only services related to family events were allowed but with a limited number of participants.

Photography courtesy of / Raluca Ene

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