Romanian Patriarchate urges protection of children’s life and health


The discovery of the vaccine as a method of prevention and medical treatment was a very important step made by modern medicine. Thus, very serious illnesses have been eradicated, millions of lives have been saved and the people’s quality of life has improved significantly.

Vaccines are of particular importance in the prevention of diseases and epidemics that can threaten the life of very large segments of the population, thus contributing to the defense of the sacred gift of human life. In this regard, parents have the responsibility to prevent illness in children and to save their lives, and the vaccination of children plays an important role in protecting their lives and their health.

The Church supports public vaccination programs that pursue therapeutic goals. The side effects mentioned in the package leaflets, including vaccines, may lead to some parents having reservations over the administration of these drugs to their own children. These hesitations are natural and should be addressed and discussed in detail with the medical staff best suited to provide competent advice and recommendations to parents.

Therefore, children’s parents must be assured by competent authorities and pharmaceutical companies that vaccines come from safe sources and that the producers’ and public authorities’ responsibilities for medical errors and side effects of vaccines are established, if they occur.

It is of benefit to children and families in Romania that precise, detailed and transparent information exists on all the activities involved in the vaccination process. Knowing the safety and quality standards that are complied with in manufacturing, transporting, and administering vaccines will convince more parents to take the decision to vaccinate their children.

 Ethical and Legal Commission of the Romanian Patriarchate

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