Romanian Patriarchate partners with National Agency for countrywide campaign to prevent human trafficking

Romania’s National Agency Against Human Trafficking and the Romanian Orthodox Church are currently implementing a national campaign entitled “United, we offer freedom! Exploitation oppresses souls and destroys destinies.”

The main message of the campaign is a warning about the phenomenon of human trafficking, addressed both to the believers in the parishes of the Romanian Orthodox Church and to the general public. The campaign also aims to convey a strong call for action and civic involvement.

The campaign aims to prevent human trafficking in its main forms of manifestation by raising awareness and improving the level of information of the population about this phenomenon, addressing both dimensions of trafficking, namely supply and demand that facilitate exploitation and human trafficking.

Background information:

Romania’s National Agency Against Human Trafficking evaluates and monitors, at a national level, the activity carried out in the field of the fight against trafficking in human beings, fulfilling the role of a national rapporteur.

Additional information:

National Agency Against Human Trafficking
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Romanian Orthodox Church /
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