Romanian Patriarchate expresses compassion and solidarity over rape of teen Alexandra Măceșanu

The Romanian Patriarchate expresses sincere compassion and solidarity over the sorrow of the family of teen Alexandra Măceșanu, the victim of a kidnaping that has strongly outraged Romanian society these days.

Waiting for the exact outcome of the investigation of the authorities on this terrible case, the Romanian Patriarchate urges all priests and believers to remember in their prayers Alexandra, and her bereaved parents and relatives.

We express our hope that this case will be elucidated as soon as possible by the officials, and that those guilty will be punished according to the laws in force. At the same time, we are worried about the increasing number of women who become victims of violence and human trafficking, which degrades human dignity and social peace.

In this regard, besides prayer, solidarity action with the affected families must be stepped up and the responsible behaviour in society must be promoted.

Press office of the Romanian Patriarchate

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