Romanian Orthodox Diocese of Spain expresses solidarity with the Barcelona terror attack victims. People urged to give blood

Atentat Barcelona

The Romanian Orthodox Bishop of Spain and Portugal expressed his compassion and solidarity with the Spanish people following the 17 August terror attack, asking God to protect this nation so hospitable to strangers.

In his message, Bishop Timotei urges Romanians living in Spain to go to Barcelona’s hospitals and donate blood, thus responding to a call from local medical authorities.

The bishop appealed to all priests and faithful in Spain to remember at the divine services and at their personal prayers the innocent victims of the terrorist attack.

Expressing our solidarity with the Barcelona people and with all those living in Spain, we entreat Christ our Lord to rest in peace the souls of the deceased and to heal those injured following the terror attack occurred in the capital of Catalonia, the message reads.

In its turn, the Romanian Orthodox Deanery of Catalonia has expressed its solidarity with the victims in a press release and has reiterated their call for blood donation.

On Thursday afternoon, a van rammed into a crowd of people in Barcelona, killing 13 people and injuring at least 100.

Photograph: Sergio Perez/Reuters

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