Romanian Metropolitan invites doctor to tell believers how to avoid coronavirus

As people across Romania are gripped by anxiety, hoping that the coronavirus doesn’t affect them, His Eminence Metropolitan Ioan of Banat invited a doctor to address believers following the Sunday Divine Liturgy on how to avoid the spread of the new virus.

“Dear brothers and sisters, seeing the anxiety and the disorder, because such a small virus, which you can see only with the microscope, makes so much trouble in the world, for this reason, I thought to invite Mr Virgil Musta to the microphone here,” Metropolitan Ioan said asking doctor Musta from the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Timisoara to take the floor.

Dr Virgil Musta urged believers to wash their hands frequently, to ventilate their houses, and to avoid crowded spaces. He also urged to avoid close contact with people who are sick.

“There are measures that are taken in any other respiratory tract infection. I appeal to you for trust in us, for solidarity, for calm, responsibility and faith,” doctor Virgil Musta said March 1 at the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral in Timisoara.

Metropolitan Ioan told the believers: “Beloved brothers and sisters, let us go forward with faith, to work each one in our workplaces in peace and quiet and, as the professor said, when someone has these symptoms, to notify the doctor.”

Romania has six cases of coronavirus after another case had been confirmed March 5. The fifth case is a young man who got in contact with the 47yo man from Timisoara diagnosed with Covid-19 on Tuesday, while the sixth is a 71-year-old man from Suceava, northern Romania.

The young man who tested positive today is from Timisoara and had been already isolated at home. It’s about a 16-year-old teen boy, the nephew of the 47yo man diagnosed a day ago.

The 47yo man from Timisoara diagnosed with coronavirus was tested again and the second test came out negative, as the Health minister reported.

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