Romanian Church’s philanthropy increases during pandemic year: EUR 38 mln

On Tuesday, the National Church Council approved the General Activity Report of the Romanian Orthodox Church for 2020, entitled: “In the fight against the pandemic, the Church has intensified prayer, philanthropy and the protection of human health.” The Church invested 38 million euros to provide support in the pandemic year: an increase of 17.6% (5.7 million euros) compared to 2019.

Patriarch Daniel presented the 2020 report at the Synodal Hall of the Patriarchal Residence.

“From financial or material help to sending sanitary protective equipment where it was most needed, to prayer, encouraging and comforting the sick, the lonely or the grieving, the Romanian Orthodox Church, as a whole, through hierarchs, clergy, volunteers and simple believers, has intensified efforts to respond urgently and effectively to the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,” the Patriarch of Romania said February 23.

The 2,135 employees of dioceses and church organizations within the Romanian Orthodox Church mobilized over 14,500 volunteers. They provided social assistance services to almost 138,000 beneficiaries: children, seniors, socially vulnerable people.

In addition to the social services, through its philanthropic programs, the Church offered 3,48 million euros (17 million lei) and material aid, amounting to 12,61 million euros (61.5 million lei).

The total amount of EUR 38 million does not include expenditure on the numerous charitable activities of parishes and monasteries, which are not systematically reported to diocesan centres.

“We would like to appreciate the spiritual and material efforts of all those who worked directly or supported the Romanian Orthodox Church in the remarkable work of helping the faithful during the pandemic,” Patriarch Daniel said after presenting the report.

“We express our gratitude and appreciation to all those who help our Church: lay clergy and faithful, central and local authorities, sponsors and volunteers,” added the patriarch. “We pray to God to give everyone good health and salvation, help and joy in life.”

On Wednesday, the report was discussed by the National Church Assembly’s committees and submitted for approval in the Assembly’s plenary.

The National Church Assembly comprises three representatives of each diocese, a clergyman and two laypeople, delegated by the Diocesan Assemblies from home and abroad.

Photography courtesy of / Mircea Florescu

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